The majority of us are now becoming stressed, the daily pace of life has picked up allowing us little or no time to our self let alone time to relax. Stress can be very harmful and affect many areas of our lives, from gaining weight to becoming depressed. It is something we can combat so you don’t lose who you are.

Most of us don’t know where to start when it comes to stress, ignoring it seems to be the way most of us cope however that only seems to make the problem worse. The power of our mind is so strong we can overcome anything, it’s a matter of turning the negative thoughts into positive ones and re-programming our minds.

Introducing Massage and Meditation. Coupling up a favourite relaxing treatment whilst experiencing an introduction to Meditation. The term Meditation can be confusing as people wish to achieve different things from it. Our aim initially is for you to be deeply relaxed, calm and thinking positive thoughts.

This treatment is £35 and will guarantee the ultimate in relaxation.