You don’t have to run the risk of skin damage to look fabulous! At Aquarius, we offer a ‘Fake Bake’ cream application tan that’s just as good as the real thing.

Fake Bake Luxury Full Body Cream Application – £35

We are not competing with your average pop up spray tan booth here. Expect expert product Fakebake, and a relaxing treatment in which you get to lie down, lie back, close your eyes and drift off to a place of calm, while your therapist, discreetly uncovers one body part at a time, using massage strokes to evenly apply the perfect amount of tan for a chilled out experience.


Fake Bake Legs – Only £25


Full Body Exfoliation & Moisturising Massage – £40


Full Body Exfoliation & Tan – £50

Fake bake cream 60 minute tan develops in 1-3 hours
1 hour =a beautiful golden tan
2 hours = a bronzed tan
3 hours = a dark tan