I’m going to talk about LOVE today, it is after all the season of love and valentines; and not just love but self love.

What is SELF LOVE I hear you ask? Self love is the art and the fine balance of loving, nourishing and treating yourself how you wish others to love and to treat you; and in doing so you are subconsciously giving others around you permission to love you and treat you the way you wish to be treated.

I am going to explain how you can give yourself a HEAD MASAGE at home.

I was going to write about how to give yourself a foot massage, write out a routine, explain in detail, recommending you try it at home. I then had the realization that it’s not always that easy to reach your toes; and unless you can hold the cross-legged yoga position for a happy 10 minutes, the pleasure of foot massage is going to be overwhelmed by the pain in your hips!

Then as I was about to wash my hair I found myself massaging my scalp so here is what I did and here is what you can do at home.

I suggest you find 5 to 10 minutes, 3 times a week (though if you’re feeling ambitious why not make it a daily pleasure). You can incorporate it into you daily hair washing routine, add to your bath, take 5 minutes at your desk at lunch time, or take 5 minutes sat in your parked car before you enter home. These are just a few suggestions you could also just sit somewhere comfy.


So I suggest that you start by placing a hand at each side of your head allowing your thumb to rest below your earlobe against your jaw and for your four fingers of each hand to rest naturally above the ears on the scalp.

The aim is to glide your fingers from the side of your scalp to the centre line of the scalp, so the fingers tips from both hands meet in the centre line of your scalp like the zigzag of a zip.

You can then return your fingers to the start place behind the ears and slide your fingers again to the center line of the head. Repeat this slowly and deeply from the nape of your neck to the top of the forehead at the front. Section by section you can cover the whole of your scalp in parts. Repeat 20 times or as many times as you like until you have relaxed the whole of your scalp.

The second move that you can try, I like to call shampooing. Again allow your thumb to rest on your scalp then spread your fingers and again rest them on your head.

Use your thumb as a guide to steady your hand on your scalp. Then at the same time with each finger tip draw a circle the size of about a 10 pence piece on your scalp. All your finger tips at the same time.

If your scalp is reasonably loose you will be able to move the flesh across your skull. If like me you have a tight scalp then you may need to move your fingers over the scalp skin in 10 pence sized circles. Either way is ok. Once you get good at this you can keep doing the circles and start to move your hands over your full head incorporating every part.

The benefits are tenfold. Firstly it stimulates the head, the brain, the skin of the face and the scalp. It stimulates hair growth, skin renewal and brain function, it induces relaxation and wellbeing and aids a great night’s sleep, just to name a few. To make this more of a luxurious treatment why not light candles, put on some soothing music, burn some essential oils and comb coconut oil through your hair.

So that brings us back round to VALENTINES again. You can by the way apply my scalp massage to another human being. It helps to sit behind your partner/family member.  You can have them sit up comfy or lay down in your lap in which case I suggest a cushion under the head. Take care to gently support and turn the neck. You can also shampoo with one hand on the side of the turned head, supporting with the other.

When sharing a scalp massage with a loved one I find long hair strokes of the head are also very calming.

So this is one simple way I feel helps me look after myself. Why not try and love yourself, and a loved one, a little and take the time to relax. After all, to love is to be loved.