AQ Brows

Aq Brows – £30

Creating a natural, perfectly shaped brow for your face shape.

Our very own eyebrow reshaping treatment. During a thorough consultation to agree your desired brow, your therapist will show you different eyebrow shapes. Your therapist will guide you as to the most flattering shape, colour and size brow for your face.

We use a wide range of different colour tints and we can also lighten hair for a ‘blonde’ brow.

We will then use a variety of techniques including measuring your face shape, tinting, waxing and tweezing to create your perfect brow. Hair may need to grow so please be patient and commit to regular monthly appointments until the full eyebrow is regrown. Your therapist will complete the look with natural mineral makeup application to cover redness. she will teach you how to use makeup to fill in gaps where you would like the hairs to grow back.

*Patch test required.